I am openly expressive to others.

Sharing who I am with others is important to me. In order to truly get to know someone, I communicate openly with them. I honestly express my feelings because I have hopes of helping them get comfortable with expressing their feelings to me.

A worthwhile relationship has reciprocal qualities, so I take steps to ensure I do my part by being open and sharing my thoughts as clearly and helpfully as possible.

My chances for having deep, meaningful relationships with others increase when I am forthcoming about my thoughts. Although I sometimes want to sit quietly rather than have conversation, I know my chances for having strong relationships increase in conjunction with how much I express myself to others.

I notice that many people struggle to be self-expressive. I think I have a moral responsibility to young people to illustrate through my actions how to be openly communicative and honest about feelings.

Setting the best example I can about how to effectively share thoughts and feelings is a goal that I endeavor to fulfill each day.

Today, I plan to express myself as openly as possible. Having a goal of getting to know others galvanizes my efforts to be extroverted. I know I can cultivate many positive relationships by focusing on sharing my thoughts and emotions with people around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1.  If I were to ask other people who know me if I am extroverted and easily share my feelings with others, what do I think they would say?
  2.  How do I feel about my ability to open up to others?
  3.  What can I specifically do to demonstrate an openness and expressiveness toward people?

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