I appreciate being alive and am thankful for today.

I celebrate today. Regardless of what is happening in my life, I am alive and for this I am thankful.

When I feel like today leaves something to be desired, I focus on anything I can be thankful for.

I find a part of my body that I am able to connect with and appreciate that it is there.

I pay attention to my senses and focus on one that resonates with me. I channel all of my energy through that sense and am thankful for having it.

When I am with friends and family, I feel thankful that I am alive and here to talk with them. When I am outside, I take in my wonderful surroundings as I experience nature and am so glad that I am here to experience this beauty.

I savor every breath that I take and rejoice in being alive.

Sometimes, I focus on basic things that I might have taken for granted in the past. While these things may be basic, they are also the most important and vital for my survival.

Today, I choose to notice and appreciate everything around me – large and small. Each thing I encounter, in some way, adds its own beauty to my wonderful life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1.  What am I most thankful for?
  2.  How can I express gratitude for being alive?
  3.  What are three other aspects of my life that I am grateful for?

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