I practice tolerance.

I understand that everyone around me has different ideals and beliefs, and I am committed to being tolerant of those differences.

My upbringing is different than many others around me and contributes greatly to our varying beliefs, ideas, and opinions. I acknowledge that I may not always be in agreement with them, but it is still my responsibility to be tolerant.

I make a conscious effort to respect the diversity around me while avoiding being coerced into ways of life that are unaligned with my belief system.

In my community, workplace and social circles, it is easy to fall into disagreements with others because of differing views. In discussions, I strive to hold on to my open-mindedness and encourage positive dialogue to show tolerance of the difference in opinion.

Today, making others feel like they have a place in the world is one of my constant goals. I know the importance of showing acceptance and the part it plays in maintaining an uplifting, peaceful environment. Being tolerant of those around me is a means to a positive end.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1.  How do I handle a situation where the other party refuses to be open to my point of view?
  2.  Is it always easy for me to be tolerant of others, especially if their views are grossly contrary to my beliefs?
  3.  Are there areas in my life where I need to practice more tolerance?

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